Husband is a great story teller. That’s how I fell in love with him – he was telling a story and I was listening too intently… good thing too.

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So now he is totally interested in making puppets. That’s how froggy came to be, and it is our first puppet.
I started it, husband finished (learning to crochet right on it) and we both enjoy this addition to our house hold :).

It reminds me – we used to have a toad living in a pot on our entrance porch – under a leaf of whatever plant was there (I do not remember). It was V-cute!

If you are a serious crocheter – forgive me for all the bad turns, wrong twisting of yarns, and everything else illegal I did along the way.


Impish and Rainbows


These are my silly hats, that makes my heart happy, makes me feel 20 years younger, and as if I have wings I can spread and fly with…




Impish – on top, might have a different name by the time it becomes a pattern, and is influenced partially by spiral shells.

Below – “Raindrops keep falling on my head”, the name comes from how many hat ideas I have recently (see ‘patterns’ onĀ  my website). This hat is so much fun to wear and play with the loose strings (other hats have an even longer ‘ponytail’).