The mushroom under the Elf – a children book with advanced knit patterns

Our book is ready! We are happy & excited! The book is a fun bedtime story about a lost Elf that makes friends with a mushroom. It has a lot of photos and knitted art work for illustration.

The other thing it has are 4 knitting patterns, scattered here & there in the middle of the story! The patterns are:

1. Small mushroom chart for double-knit coaster.

2. Double knit mush-puff baby toy (instructions for how to stuff & puff are included).

3. Modular mushroom picture potholder – small project, fun and surprising technique.

4. The Elfy game blanket, which you can also play right on the cover.  

The book is available at and at Create space


Elfy Game Blanket

Done! The blanket is ready and so is the pattern for it ( .  The pattern includes the story too.

It is not as difficult to knit as it looks, because the squares just move in the direction of the knitting once every 13 rows + knitting the squares border yarns together makes it fully tangle-free (it’s true!).

Here it is with play pieces (instructions are not included in the pattern) and giant dice.

This is the backside.

Next, and getting near to done, is the children book with the story + many photos (it is a children book), with 3 patterns, one right in the middle of the book (I would love it as a kid – seeing a knitting pattern in the middle of MY book, even if I do not understand it and can not knit).  So far the patterns included are : a small modular mushroom picture, the blanket game pattern, and a small simple pattern for double knit or that could be added to a scarf/ pocket/pillow etc.


Nov. 14 —the book is getting there – we ordered the first copy. Can’t wait to see it.

Elfy Game 1

This is the first version of ‘Elfy Game’, to go with the story ‘The mushroom under the Elf’.

Size: 28″ X 37″

To play: go down on a mushroom leg, up on a head and up on a sun ray, + some rules to be added by the kid for extra fun (like fuzzy squares and white dots).

Apart for plating it with Hubby (every night before bed as the game was progressing) I played it with 2 nine years old – first on a table, then they drugged me for another game on the floor + wanted another one! One of them read the story aloud before we played – still needs work + a lot of photos before it’s done… crawling my way on it, wish it went faster (as in waiving my magic wand and Ta Da – it’s done! 🙂

The second version of the knit game is done already, and hope to post it soon.


Things have gotten very ‘mushroomy’ over here…

It started innocent enough – I was happily working on modular pictures (see previous post and probably my next post too), then looking for a V easy one to do (to test this crazy idea) I decided to knit a little modular mushroom picture.The colors are too dark – but it was so much fun! and before I knew it I found myself knitting mushrooms for a month and writing a children book about an Elf and a mushroom…  That’s what I get for following my heart!

So, the story is far from ready, but the mushrooms are getting there:

These are the ‘pages’ of a pattern for a cotton baby book, and below is the book itself –  it is so much fun to touch it, feels real good!

This pattern is being tested, and 2 more patterns are on there way:

It’s hard to see but this is a puffed mushroom,.

The other knit baby book is a sideways knitted set, like this:

Hope you like it…

Modular Pictures

The idea of making a modular picture always fascinates me. Does it really work?

My first attempt was the tree picture. It’s partially modular and you can read more about it here (scroll down):

It’s hard to see but the right part of the soil is knitted upward while the trees etc are knitted sideways, with the idea of taking advantage of variegating yarns in different directions. By the time I started knitting I forgot it and just picked the yarn I fancied…      It’s modular in knitting 2 directions in the same piece, but does not have inc/dec(so it’s not a real module).

This is my second modular attempt. I used a small chart I had for a picture knitting class and lots of little left over yarns (I belong to the group that can not throw even itsy bitsy piece of yarn). Still needs work, but it was so much fun to knit and totally impossible to tell what’s going on until the very end.


My recent pattern is up! And I am all excited and happy about it. There are still patterns to come out of it, but that will have to wait.


This pattern is an ‘all purpose’ pattern, and it works well for:

A Cowl – medium # of sts (medium height), and knit enough to cover the neck.
A Scarf – use less sts, and knit on and on…
A Shawl – CO enough sts for the height you need (depending on the person’s size).
Shawlette – which makes a great skirt too.

and a Hat.
The difference will be in the number of sts, but the same pattern works for all.

Patterns enclosed:
A general/all gauge pattern.
Example of 2 color version for 25 sts.
Example of 3 colors version for 25 sts.

Yarn and needle size are not specified.
To start, decide what you wish to knit, and how tall you want it to be. This will be your CO line (the CO will be the height of the hat/cowl/scarf…), and the number of rows you knit will give the width of the garment).
Then choose your yarn & needles.

Gauge does not have to be perfect. You can knit a gauge piece, or:

  1. Estimate how many sts you need, based on the info from the yarn wrap or previous knits you did with similar yarn & needles.
  2. Start knitting, and check the size after knitting a few rows. Redo if needed.

What if you run out of yarn? Fun. Change to a different yarn… It will make it into a more interesting and artistic garment.

Hope you’ll enjoy it too.


Husband is a great story teller. That’s how I fell in love with him – he was telling a story and I was listening too intently… good thing too.

flat_onmy_tummy_5872 dont_go_5857 cantusee_imall_ina_knot_5860 aIMG_5856 ahh_thegood_life_5874

So now he is totally interested in making puppets. That’s how froggy came to be, and it is our first puppet.
I started it, husband finished (learning to crochet right on it) and we both enjoy this addition to our house hold :).

It reminds me – we used to have a toad living in a pot on our entrance porch – under a leaf of whatever plant was there (I do not remember). It was V-cute!

If you are a serious crocheter – forgive me for all the bad turns, wrong twisting of yarns, and everything else illegal I did along the way.